Who is Fabio

My name is Fabio, and I was born and raised in Omegna, Italy.  I came to  Jamaica on holiday in April 1996.  I  decided not to stay in a typical resort, and through friends found a board house consisting of two rooms and bathrrom in Good Hope - a small district in the hills above Negril. 

My friends and I  spent two weeks in this Jamaican board house which had everything except hot water.  There was a small television on which you could watch the one available local channel -JBC.
The covered verandah had two hammocks and a mystic silence.  How could I forget the delicious meals cooked in the rural outdoor kitchen (two gas burners and the Dutchie) located outside of the board house.
The cook Jennifer, was a very nice Jamaican lady (mixed with a little East Indian )and together with our guide (Chicken, the Bush doctor),  prepared authentic Jamaican dishes. I spent 14 days in this place and my life changed. I fell in love with this island   that Christopher Colombus described as: “the most beautiful island anybody has ever seen”. The land is fertile and the flora and fauna abound; there are numerous rivers and stunning waterfalls - remininscent of  Paradise.  The sunsets are breathtaking and  the music vibrant and rhythmic.  The culture of these proud and hospitable people makes Jamaica unique! I fell in love living amongst Jamaicans and learnt from them to enjoy the simpler things in life! The  memory that stuck in my mind, was seeing people living in small houses,  without all the comforts, very poor, but very HAPPY. HAPPY TO BE ALIVE,  happy to enjoy a gift like a beautiful sunset or the turquoise colours of the caribbean sea. .......

I have learnt how to love, how to discover and appreciate nature. We would  pick fruits in the garden for our breakfast - fresh sweet and delicious tropical fruits! The tea was made with local herbs......Fever grass, wild basil, etc.....The bush doctor, the Jamaican homeopath, would share with us the folklore and tell us about the medicinal use of the different plants.  The  moisturizing  Aloe Vera, cerasee for insect bites...... (his knowledge is still passed on verbally  from  generation  to  generation).

I have spent 15 years in this beautiful island and  now call this island Paradise"mi  yaad" (home).