Arrived in Jamaica in 1996 no longer went away…

My name is Fabio,
I arrived in Jamaica at the end of April of 1996, I was not going to stay in an hotel but in Good Hope, a small village in the hills.

I lived for two weeks in a typical Jamaican house (wooden) with two rooms (for me and my friends) a bathroom with everything you needed (except the hot water..) and a small television that transmits a single canal: CVJ .
A wooden veranda, two hammocks and a wonderful silence… Oh I forgot there was also the kitchen (two gas stoves and a pot) which was outside.
Our cook a tender lady from Jamaica (also a little Indian) who together with our “guide” (Chicken, the Bushdoctor), prepared us delicious Jamaican dishes. I spent 14 days in this House and my life has changed.

I fell in love with this island that Christopher Columbus defined: “The most beautiful island that human eye has ever seen.” The lush nature, the waterfalls, the “African” landscapes, the breathtaking sunsets, the music and culture of this proud and hospitable people make this island unique! I fell in love with people, living with them! I have learned to appreciate very simple but beautiful things! The thing that impress me most, remember, it was to see these people living in small wooden houses, without TV, without comfort, without anything, but happy, happy to be alive, to enjoy a gift as beautiful as a  sunset or the magnificent colors of the sea…..

I have learned to love, appreciate and know nature; The breakfast “I plucked” from the trees in the garden: exceptional fruit! The teas made with local herbs… Fevergrass, Basom, etc… For medicine the Bush Doctor, “The Homeopath” Jamaican, a very folkloric person  who explained and told the properties of  curative plants, such as : Aloe Vera  after sun and  for stings of insects etc….. (His knowledge is still handed down verbally from generation to generation.)   It’s been 22 years and I haven’t gone away anymore, this paradise is now my home.