Capital: Kingston (1,100.000 inhabitnants.)
Population: About 2.500.000 .
Surfice: kmq. 10.990 .
Religion: Christian
I.D.: Valid Passport, Driver license.
Airports: Norman Manley International (18 km from Kingston); Donald Sangster in Montego Bay.
Electricity: 110 V.
Jet Leg: 6 hours Behind italy (Kingston h.6 - Roma h.12). Jamaica does not go on Daylight Saving Time.
Banks: 9.00-14.00 from Monday to Thursday,Ffriday until 16.00.
Language:English.   Most Jamaicans speak a broken English called patois. The pronunciation and the vocabulary is a little different from English.
Currency: The currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar ($J , JA $) you can find $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 notes. The coins are $ 20, $ 10 e $ 5. The exchange rate is about JA$ 85.00 to  US$1.00 . (1€ =  about JA$100.00 ). 
The US $ is accepted almost every where.  However in some rural areas,  you could find places where they only accept Jamaican currency .
Credit card: The major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery are accepted in the hotels and tourist attractions.
Cambio:To change money you can use an  ATM, in Jamaica called ABM.   You can find them in every city, and almost all of them are connected with an overseas net like: Cirrus or Plus.
Cuisine: Jamaican food is very tasty and spicy,  hot pepper, curry and sweet pepper are used a lot.. The national dish is ackee and salt fish.
Driving:  In Jamaica they drive on the left.